Media Partners


If you would like your magazine/fashion line/blog become our media partner, coplete the form below:

Stardoll Username:
Project type: (magazine/fashion line/blog)
Project name:
Project link:
Project logo: (tinypics and imgurs please)

This is our offical logo:

Becoming our Media Partner, there are a few rules you need to follow:

 -you have to put our logo on the side of your blog.
 if you don't want us as a media partner anymore, let us know.
-complete all fields in the application.

Post the Application Forms in the comments section below.


  1. Name of your blog: The Stardoll Journal
    Link of your blog:
    Your blog logo: header
    Stardoll Nickname: didi18881

  2. Or:
    Name of your blog: The Fashion Victory
    Link of your blog:
    Your blog logo: header
    Stardoll Nickname: didi18881

  3. Name of blog: My Fabulous Stardoll
    Blog logo: Header
    Nickname on stardoll: donty123
    Blog nickname: MFS

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