Sonntag, 8. September 2013


We are still alive!
We have quite unactive the last months. But now Limelight is back with some important news.

-Limelight has a new co- owner...Dreamiiiii aka Alina. She would manage now the agency with me and she also is a writer and graphic designer.

-We have new writers & graphic designer: Rei1981, smiling.jojoo and SweetPiink1999. Welcome to our team!

-The new issue arrive on 15th September 2013 with so many photoshoots, an exclusive interview with ExtravaganceSD and the secret of surfing! Be excited!

-NOW Eyecatcher Magazine  has a own blog :
There the magazine will be appear.
And here do you can see the offical club :

-A new Limelight collection comes at the end of October (:

xoxo, Mia Cort

Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Eyecatcher issue # 2 Spoiler 1

Hey my dears!
Today I have the first spoiler of our new issue for you.

Be excited!

xoxo, Mia Cort