About Us

Limelight Management (short: LM) is a model agency on Stardoll owned by SuperMiaStar.
LM takes fresh high fashion models under contract. Here you will get the chance to work with cool projects, fashion lines and the Eyecatcher Magazine. We will try our best that every model gets as many jobs as possible. You can be sure that you are here on one of the best managements on stardoll! 


SuperMiaStar - owner, graphic designer, writer, creative director
claragoosmann19- co-owner, graphic designer, writer
mangunmeetan - graphic designer
mgirl07- graphic designer
kcv183- graphic designer
asias222- graphic designer
Crystallam2000- graphic designer
bananasplit1331-creative director
Annie...Star- creative director


LM was supposed to be called "Lemon Model Agency" first, but eventually launched as Limelight Management. The management was founded by SuperMiaStar on 14th January 2013. LM work with the Eyecatcher magazine, it's the magazine of the agency. 

The face of LM

After 3 months we choose a new header.
Our up-to-date model for now is MisaStylee.

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