Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

New model competions

Hello, Models(:
Now, 2 competions are starting*-*
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Do you know about mathildamath?
She is a very beautiful and famous german Doll!(:
And she starts a new competion: Cathérine's Model Academy. It looks really great.
And we are a new media partner*-*
Here are the prizes you can win:
Yes, there all from me, haha xD But MORE prizes come soon. Do you know who mathildamath is?- She's the winner of Rafaels Next Topmodel Cycle 4

And now it comes the next competions:
Rafael's Next Top Model
You don't no about this competion? It's very famous:D
At the end of the week, the Cycle 6 starts*-*
And I'm the reporter for this cycle^^

Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Spoiler: New York Street Style

Hey guys(:

Welcome to Limelight Management the exclusive acency from the Eyecatcher Magazines.

Limelight Management was known about Eyecatcher-Magazines where exclusive walks were, are and will be released. The increased the number of readers and our company was one been a sponsor of the magazines.
This all is from the german blog "Stardoll News Aktuell" (in English: Stardoll News Live")

On Stardoll News Aktuell were a contest. We search for The Best Dressed Doll.

And found claragoosmann19(:
She's the Covergirl on the Eyecatcher-Magazine Winter 2013.
Would you like to see the cover? Are you ready guys for the Spoilers?
Here there are:
You musn't speak German, for this:D

But this Blog is from LM, we want to see OUR collections.
(For all Eyecatcher Magazines, are two Limelight Management collections)
We have the Once upon a time... collections with our Top 4 from Best Dressed Doll:
claragoosmann19, Elodie_Bordeaux,didi18881 and Bibilein.
But these Outfits are TOP SECRET.

But here are the Spoilers from the 2nd Collection: New York Street Style with Lioba93,mathildamath and LAVIVAA.
All the grafics are from MisaStylee

We hope you like it?(:
Then please send a commet.